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Baby Digital Thermometers with Probe for baby/Children/Adult Oral Rectal Armpit Use body thermometer baby electronic thermometer

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Baby Digital Thermometer with Probe for baby/Children/Adult Oral Rectal Armpit Use body thermometer baby electronic thermometer

Product Features:

1.Fast Response. 
2.LCD & 
Sound Signal.
It stores the last temperature.
Automatic Shut Off.
2-3 years use of life.
FDA&CE Certified.
7.Flexible Sof Tip


About the Product:

1.MORE SAFETY : Emon thermometer approved by FDA and CE the soft tip material is food grade silicone, BPA free. WATERPROOF design with the comfort and safety of your beloved kid or infant in mind approved by professionals

2.QUICK & ACCURATE: Rest easy knowing the Emon baby thermometer will deliver the most accurate results in as little as 25 seconds, buzzer alert will let user know when measurement is completed. Superior accuracy of ±0.2°F/0.1°C

3.MORE CONVENIENT: Memory function recalls last temperature reading when powered on. Readings can be easily switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius and the Low Battery indicator will warn users to change batteries soon

4.EASY CLEAN UP: This digital thermometer has a waterproof design for easy clean up while also preventing the spread of germs to other family members


Packing Contents:

-1 Digital Thermometer
-1 Manual
1 Transparent box


Methods of measuring temperature:

It is important to remember that the body temperature reading depends on the site where it is measured. For this reason, the measurement site must always be specified in order to ensure that a correct temperature reading is recorded.

In the rectum(rectal ):

This is the most accurate method from a medical point of view because it comes closest to core body temperature .The thermometer tip is inserted carefully into the rectum for a maximum of 2cm. The usual measuring time is approximately 9 to 11 seconds.

Under the arm (axillary):

Placing the thermometer in the armpit provides a measurement of surface temperature that can fluctuate by around 0.5°C to 1.5°C from rectal temperature readings in adults .The usual measuring time for this method is approximately 23 to 29 seconds. It should be noted that an exact reading won’t be obtained, for example ,the armpit  temperature is lower than normal (the armpit temperature has been cooled down). If in this case , we recommend extending the measuring time by around 5 minutes in order to obtain the most precise possible reading that corresponds as closely as possible to the core body temperature.

In the mouth (oral):

There are different heat zones in the mouth. As a general rule, the oral temperature is 0.3°C to 0.8°C lower than the rectal temperature.To ensure that reading is as accurate as possible, place the thermometer tip to the left or right of the root of the tongue. The thermometer tip must have constant contact with the tissue during the reading and be placed under the tongue in one of the two heat pockets at the back, keep the mouth closed during the reading and breathe evenly through the nose. Do not eat or drink anything before the measurement . The usual measuring time is approximately 15 to 19 seconds.



1.Temperature taken ‘s completion time is generally 25 seconds (there will have a beeping prompt tone).
2.The Most Accurate Measurement is “Mouth Use”.
Please add 0.5°C after you finished the “Oxter Use”.
Long-click the power button on OFF STATE to Achieve Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion.


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Waterproof&Sound Signal


Digital Thermometer hygrometer with Probe


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