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Adjustable Corrector X-Shape Corset Back Brace Straightener Upper Shoulder Spine Support Belt Posture Correction For Men Women

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Fits to the following problems:

Bad/Poor Posture


Rounded Shoulders

Pain in the neck, shoulders, cervical, thoracic, or lumbar areas of the spine

Discomfort from sitting in a chair all day or “computer posture”


Product description:


Effective relieve pain and pressure: Posture Corrector’s ergonomic design features adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt to allow maximum customization. It will stabilize and align shoulders, neck and spine to relieve chronic pain around the area.The idea behind the design is to help build muscle memory by correcting rounded shoulders and ensuring spinal alignment, so that over time, you will automatically straighten your back without the help of brace. 


Experience unparalleled comfort: Feel much greater comfort using posture corrector under clothes with breathable, durable elastic band and cushioned straps. No more awkward feeling and unnatural positions.The neoprene used in the brace is so breathable and lightweight that you can even wear it in humid and hot weather.


Build strength and confidence: No more slouching, hunchback or stooped shoulders! It means you will look taller and better. A proper posture creates a great first impression and will create lasting positive effects in other areas of your life. So stand straight, walk proud. And radiate your natural beauty. Let the real you shine! 


Adjustable for men and women over a range of size: Long straps, a hook-and-loop wrap closure, and slide buckles on the shoulders ensure a custom fit for all adult.



Size: Regular


Color: Black


Please Note:

  • If pain persists or if you develop physical discomfort signs of any kind, seek professional medical attention. Do not over tighten. Do not wear any longer than 8 hours at a time. 

  • Please wear it outside of your clothes,to prevent it hurt your skin.QQ20180810171142



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About the Product:




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Posture corrector


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