hey! in this article we’ll show 10 cool gadgets that you definitely need to check it out.


If you dream about drone here’s an affordable one and it has pretty good quality despite its size there is a camera and place for a card in the box comes three extra propellers and protection that will be safe not only for propellers but also for your walls and furniture.

It fell many times and it’s all good right now. It can fly around 10 minutes and we definitely enjoyed it

Vegetable wrapper

Also we ordered this cool thing putting it together we realized that it’s better version of a grind now we’re going to test it carefully let’s try it with a carrot wow what a speed look how carrot went there the most important product I want to test is potato because I really like potato pancakes it’s great we liked it overall we can grind any vegetables saving time and not scratching fingers.


Here we ordered a small portable Bluetooth speaker, that can be used outside. the form is like GBL and looks decent and costs way less there is also some kind of water resistance and we’re gonna test it real quick thanks to carbines speaker can be hooked up to pants or backpack overall for a price it’s a steal.

Rubber gun

And this pistol really made us happy it made of some kind of wood but shoot with rubber bands I saw this a lot of times online and I always wanted to buy but unfortunately couldn’t find time rubbers go about five six meters for sure and it won’t hurt anyone.

USB Card

next, we have this USB Drive with 32 gigabytes here is it’s the unique part when you connect it to your computer nothing extraordinary happens. just a flash drive but on a case, there is a fingerprint reader and when the owner touched it open secret folder, where you can keep your photos and other files which should not be visible for other people. even if you lose your Drive someone who finds it wouldn’t be able to see what’s inside we got this package with some details that we need to assemble by ourselves.


We got this bird use the leverage which allows spinning rubber and bird probably should fly a little let’s go outside and try it out. Wow it’s pretty cool the wings look pretty realistic and from a few meters, it may look like a real bird.

Soap dispenser

One is a different story now we’re gonna show how it works with batteries press a button put our hands and get notices soap but big foam it’s more fun. the Spencer looks really cool and works flawlessly with this thing you don’t need to tell kids to wash hands they will do it by themselves.

Stirling Engine

This one I saw on internet as well and the name of this thing is Stirling engine and now we’re gonna show the way it works we need to make it see but we’re gonna hide it a brand why we need to promote it right oh well it doesn’t really matter decency so put our device to cup wait a few seconds push the circle and it automatically starts working. in order to make it work the lower part should be warmer than the upper part to about 15 degrees or higher. Inside of it air moves and it works on Cup it turns around 30 minutes and putting two pieces of ice cube to the upper part we could run it even with our hands.

Wine cork

It happens often when you open the vine drank a little and want to leave it for later after opening it gets better real quick because inside is oxygen here’s a quick trick this cork it has a pump inside which pumping out oxygen from a bottle. we need to close a bottle and pushing a corded pump out and air.